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Indeed it does!

Smeargle's Laptop is a place for all graphical arts (banners, signatures) as well as pixel art of any kind.

Rule #1) When you create a sprite or banner thread, you must have a minimum of three sprites and/or banners to display. If you have fewer than those, please don't make a new thread! Instead post in the Smeargle's Laptop General Thread.

Rule #2) Try to exercise discretion when bumping/posting in old threads. Is the thread a community project? Then it's probably ok to add to it whenever you'd like. Is it someone else's banner thread that hasn't been updated in years? Try not to post in that one. You can always update your own banner or sprite thread with new content, no matter how old.

Rule #3) Try to put some substance into your posts. Posting one-liners, e.g. "great", "good", "cool" -- will get your point across, but don't really add anything to the forum! You can press the like button on posts that you like. If you genuinely enjoy someone's work, please say why!

Rule #4) Flaming is not constructive criticism. Giving constructive feedback is really cool, especially to people who are looking for it. Flaming, however, is inappropriate on most any forum. Let's stick to sharing possible improvements rather than name-calling on each others' work.

Rule #5) Please keep content appropriate. Please do not make posts that are hateful or racist in nature. In addition, please do not post pornography or explicit, gore-intensive images or requests. Non-explicit works that are more suggestive will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Do your best to use hide tags and warn viewers if you're not sure your image is appropriate.

Rule #6) Don't claim someone else's work is your own. When making banners, you are more than welcome to use any art from anywhere; likewise, sprites and sprite fusions can be ripped straight from the games. You don't need to give credit anywhere for either of these! However, claiming that you made banners, sprites, or sprite edits that were actually made by others will be grounds for post deletion and possible infraction!

That should do it for the rules! If you have any questions about this sub-forum, please ask any of the following forum moderators:

Kaiju Bunny

Thank you!
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